Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My scene >>> Pierre Henry - Le Reine vert

So someone warned me on Twitter that I'd best pay attention and show concern because 'The Machine' would 'dumb down' my scene too. They were referring to my lack of interest in whether the Ibiza scene was heading that way having read my recent post about the Proms going Dance. I've always thought the Ibiza scene was dumb to start with. Mind you, I wasn't there when it consisted of 50 Acid heads who'd found paradise and wanted to dance in it. Um, as you can tell, I'm not familiar with the roots of the Ibiza scene. All I know is any scene sold by 'super clubs' and populated by office ravers is not for me.

Whether it's an attempt to wind me up or not, it got me thinking about my 'scene'. Perhaps the Twitterer was under the illusion that I belong to a fraternity of left field electronic clubbers, or something. Little does he know that I'm always in bed by 11 and haven't been to a club in about seven years.

Thankfully then, I've no scene that can be 'dumbed down'. When I was part of The Rumpus Room in the mid 90s it was, if not in total isolation, a unique night that was part of a wider Electronica/eclectic scene which by its very nature could not get 'dumb'. 

So to Pierre Henry, a major player on my one-man scene. This music from 1963 is for Le Reine vert by choreographer Maurice BĂ©jart. It's notable not only for the kind of sonic excellence you expect from Henry, but also as his first foray in electronics as a sound source. 

(For the regular visitors with Good Taste. And anyone else who's inquisitive...anti-sheeple music)

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