Wednesday, 29 April 2015

In A Joe Henderson Mode

In Joe Henderson mode on the MP3 player regularly for the last few weeks. This album, Mode For Joe, hits the spot with each play and especially the way he makes his entry on the title track. Others may build an improvised spaceship in which to travel (and carry us, the listeners) but Joe starts as if he's already Out There and we've just tuned into his wavelength...special. The whole album's great...with Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Bobby Hutcherson, Cedar Walton, Ron Carter and Joe Chambers onm board, how could it be otherwise?


  1. Indeed. One of the earliest jazz albums I ever bought, back when I was 18. Had been curious about jazz for a while, but had little idea what era I should aim for. The heard "Caribbean Fire Dance" on a local jazz station (which otherwise usually played a lot of fuzak drek), and said, "That's it." And it's been a favorite of mine ever since. (Although Ive been giving "Inner Urge" and "Our Thing" a fair amount of play lately.)

    1. Great albums, those. Blue Note brought the best out of him.

  2. He's already Out There and we've just tuned into his wavelength - perfect description.


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