Saturday, 3 January 2015

Make Your Own Art / Not Waving Voices III / Pulp Art & Fiction

They say only the boring get bored...I must be bloody boring! An afternoon of nothingness...ah, the unbearable weight of it! But at least I baked a cake - now isn't that fascinating? Don't worry, I'm not sharing a photo, although I don't see why I shouldn't, I mean, it's a great cake and if you saw it, you'd want a slice.

Listening to music helped somewhat, specifically, Voices III by Not Waving  - you can hear and buy it here. Alessio Natalizia doesn't exactly push the boundaries of sound - that's OK - but he does create great moods in his relatively simple compositions, made from what I presume is quite a simple kit, though I could be wrong - he might be at home surrounded by gear that looks like a aeroplane cockpit. Still, the way Feeling Tone progresses from a guitar (?) riff scare to a minimal, repetitive wave is great. There's even some motorik klang 'n' thump on Lie With The Mouth. From what I've heard, most of his stuff is worth investigating.

Make your own art...

...stick it on the internet and watch the world jump up to salute your efforts! You never know, it could happen. I spent half this morning looking around for art that might you think I found any? I'd like to share some, but I no, I didn't. I don't mean Proper Art, there's plenty of that, I mean improper art by nobodies who do it because they want to and don't care about 'standards', whether it's Fine Art and all that nonsense. I found a lot of that, actually, but it was all rubbish crap er...not to my taste (there, that's kinder). Who am I to criticise the efforts of others?

Here's an old piece I made all of two years ago...'s from the pulp fiction series. Pulp's long been a source of interest/inspiration for me, from book covers to their shabby contents and the literary greats who got thrown in the pulp pile along with the rubbish...selling it cheap...

...well, Raymond Chandler's a literary great in my books.

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