Monday, 22 September 2014

Various - Archive 1 / Influkz - Ekoplekz (More Than Human)

Archive 1 is the first digital release for More Than Human, which is good news for young fogies who don't own a turntable (I'll never get rid of mine; without it I couldn't hear This Is Chaquito and the Quedo Brass! and my life would be meaningless). It's cheap too, just $5 (whatever that is in proper money). A short comp, but it's quality not quantity that counts (think on that next time you're scanning your MP3 library - I do frequently - delete! delete! My aim is to reduce it to The Essential 1,000,000, so wish me luck). Time Attendant, Kemper Norton, Dieter Moebius, the gang's all here. The Passenger's Negative Object is great too. Time Attendant's Cloud Dowsing demonstrates why you should have all his releases. Just get it.

Not more Ekoplekz...christ, the man's unstoppable. Thankfully he isn't being prolific for the sake of media saturation - he really does have great music oozing from every pore, he just can't stop twiddling those knobs (nudge-nudge). Ariwakz is one of the best tunes, with a nod to the reggae label, Arawak, in both title and dub-wise mood (even the tempo is relatively conventional for him, but here that's no bad thing). Zone Stikz also captures an old reggae mood with a wonderful recreation of the classic organ sound on Upsetter records, slowed right down, blissed out as electro (versions galore).

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