Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Don Harper - Cold Worlds (Duel Planet)

Duel Planet deliver a cool slice of Don Harper at his finest on the two longest tracks, Nightmare and Cold Worlds. Both are superb explorations of electro-acoustic mood music. Nightmare may employ that old cliché of the heartbeat denoting tension but that does not diminish the impact of what else goes on such as bursts of free sax, thundering drums and demented synth that wouldn't be out of place on a Sun Ra album. Cold Worlds contains more mad keyboard-playing from guest Doctor Phibes (I think), great sax again and eerie vocals. Both are real highlights. A 1973 update of the Doctor Who theme is here too, putting a very different spin on the tune. The shorter tracks such as Dank Earth and Troubled Mind are drenched in atmosphere in the more familiar but no less impressive vein of horror cues.

Invasion of the Cybermen, who scared the hell out of me more than the Daleks.

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