Tuesday, 15 April 2014

from the book: Buñuel! La mirada del siglo

'You're going to love this', said LJ, sat in a chair in the St John's Wood Oxfam shop. So I went over, amazed that she'd found a great book. She's not the book finder general 'round here! That's my role, mainly because it's me that goes out looking. If she came with me every time I'd have far less books because she'd try and enforce common sense on me by saying 'Do you really need that?' And 'You've got enough Art books already!' Also 'You haven't read half the books you've got'. Which is true, and this one will not be read for sure since it's in Spanish. It's split into sections such as Art and films featuring skulls, religious iconography, nudes and eyes; key surrealist visual influences/elements of Buñuel's films. Good work LJ.

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