Sunday, 20 April 2014

Depth Charge, Shelfie, Hoovering No U Turn

Easter. What you goin' to do? Roast dinner at The Colonel Fawcett, that's what. 
Eat an egg, of course. 
Look out the window at the rain. Leaves in the garden getting into top gear green mode, seemingly exploding from the branches as I watch.
Play some music such as this, Lust, by Depth Charge, who I turn to roughly every other month and never think 'Oh, it's not aged well'.

LJ's piano and two of her collages. She's learning How Can I Be Sure and tried to get me to sing it. That didn't happen.


Bank Holiday house cleaning's a tradition, isn't it? So, time for some hoovering. Fierce & Nico's Input sucks the dust from your ears. A prime example of the 'hoover' bass line (as it was known back in 1886) is heard on this ancient artefact. It used to send us crazy. No U Turn twelves were always a big event. Now you can buy them starting at £1.48 on Discogs. There's something sad about that, although I don't know why, exactly. It's not as if the price now is going reflect it's musical value 18 years ago. if that was the case, it would cost about...(puts little finger to his mouth Dr Evil style)...$1,000,000!

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