Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Super Stupid Me

So I signed on Monday afternoon and saw that I'd lost 19 Followers. 19! How did that happen?!
Had they got fed up with enduring my visual work (I'll call it 'Art', why not?) - yes, my Art, after all, they didn't sign up for that (they dunno what they wanted...more cute retro images, perhaps).

Anyway, imagine the shock - a mass exodus, of sorts. Did they dislike my blogger collage because...what? They thought it represented my feeling of superiority over those who blog about their fascinating families or psycho dramas on the road to healing? What?

I racked my brain...I got paranoid...I thought 'Is this the beginning of the end? And if so, could I hasten it by posting nothing but my Art?' And so on.

Why anyone blogs is a mystery. Apart from the obvious reasons such as deluding themselves that someone wants to read what they got up to with their kids at the week-end (well, the rest of the family does!), or that their opinion of a new music release is important...or that the stats are wrong (way under) and that thousands actually visit every day. Or, simply, they got nothing else to do. Apart from that, it's a mystery, but not really a mystery because I've covered every reason there...

It's not as if blogging's fashionable any more, therefore impresses no-one at a party when you tell them you blog. I mean, aren't The Kids something else, something that requires less effort, takes about ten seconds and connects them instantly to the happening kiddy universe? Apart from The Kids, the old farts such as myself who still use Facebook might constitute the main Audience? Users? Not that it matters what The Kids are doing. And I don't meet any at parties. Because I no longer go to parties.

This is a 'web log' of things I collect, listen to, make and think, even, sometimes. Yes, and the back pages sit like so many old books, gathering dust - I might look back at them one day. And wonder what the hell I saw in a particular album. When I'm 64, perhaps, or 74...brain addled by Time...puzzled over who the hell wrote all that...

So I'd lost...hold on..I hadn't lost 19 Followers, I'd gained one! I didn't have 99, I had 79! You idiot! can laugh but your brain will be like that one day, if it isn't already.

Must go and take my tablets now.



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