Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pierre Henry ‎CD: A Concert In The House

Capriccio (2009)
Phrases De Quatuor (2000) 
Miroirs Du Temps (2008) 
Envol (2010) 

You didn't get the book? No! I can't believe it. I thought everyone did. Now it's worth £$ ---- (I dunno).
I posted about it here. You can see it as a PDF here. The next best thing. And takes up less room. But you can't hold, touch and smell it... 
...or put it on the coffee table for when friends with as good a taste as yours (who don't exist) come 'round for canapés and that special wine you splashed out £6.99 for in Tescos, then notice the book and go 'What's this? Who's he? Is he any good? Why would anyone want to produce a lush book containing photos of his house?' And you think 'Oh, fucking hell, am I the only person in the world who gets this stuff?!', shrug and say 'I dunno, some French bloke who makes weird noises'....

So here's the music: A Concert In The House 

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