Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pan Sonic - Oksastus (Kvitnu)

Travelling through time from June 6th, 2009, Pan Sonic return to pulverise your mind. Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen's brutal bump and grind mechanics resonate as powerfully today as they did one night in Kyiv, Ukraine. Witness 17'28" (track titles simply describe their length), which starts with an increasingly fast sound wave fit to ensure that your brain is primed before being pummelled by a hyper beat and blistered by noise before driving slowly towards a climatic crunch - phew. The intensity rarely lets up, least of all on 5'31", although there's room to breath on 4'35", 4'41" and 5'42", the relatively calm pieces. You probably know what 'calm' means in this context. 11'03" starts in a stable fashion, but 'live' interference begins around the 3min mark when the duo set you on a road towards their sonic sink hole down which you will inevitably fall, the electronic roar ringing in your ears. A fierce blast from the past and a real treat for Pan Sonic fans.


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