Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Electronic World Inc Recording Tape Music Fantasy

Found this in a charity shop at the week-end.

'I can't believe you're buying that!' Says LJ.
'It's only two quid!'

Look, it's a company based in New York. It's history! Tape music! Not just music recorded on tape. Tape music is what I'm dreaming of looking at it. Vladimir Ussachevsky or Otto Luening might have owned it, or looked at it, or just touched the box, being at the Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center. Yes? But how old is it? Google the company: no results. It looks old enough. 

No, not just a tape recording, but recordings of taped sounds manipulated to make a new sonic mutation, to cut'n'paste sound - amazing! My dream was that it contained actual tape experiments, but it's unused. And besides, I'd never be able to play it. Yet just having the box perched on top of my speaker makes me feel good.

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