Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Algo - Acouasm (Algorhythms)

1st class sub-harmonic skull-plundering metal machine music.

dread dub designed to terminate all rational thought, forcing you to succumb & twitch spasmodically as if possessed by a spirit which rewires your nervous system.

the needle is stuck; it's diamond cuts into your brain until reaching the temporal lobe, forming a portal to the caves of steel inside where drums of thunder reverberate whilst electrical charges crackle and fizz 

small, immense, intense, prudent, dynamic constructions.

from the press pack:
'The E.P. was produced with the aid of an amplifier circuit housed inside an old cigar box. Sounds were created using resonant-spring contact microphones and circuit-bending body contacts to create piercing feedback loops, analog glitches and temporal sub-harmonics.

More good stuff at Bandcamp


  1. bloody good!..... unfortunately methinks the press pack is telling porkies though

  2. Thanks for the support and review. @Sir Edward Damocles, the press pack quote is true, the cigar box amplifier will feature in the next video for the E.P., which can be found at bandcamp: http://algorhythms-co-uk.bandcamp.com/album/acouasm


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