Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Door Into Summer - Robert A. Heinlein (Panther, 1960)

I haven't posted a good pulp cover for a while so to put that right here's one.
it stinks like an old paperback frequently does; that pungent aromatic stain
of ancient cigarette smoke, dust, damp & unknowable things that leave a trace
embedded in the pages.
it's also on the verge of falling apart but I'm trying to read it anyway.
I love this cover because it combines the staple ingredients of pulp -
sex & sci-fi. 


  1. This looks great!
    I love the pristine crispness, the promise - the virginity! - of a brand new book. But I love the untold history, the feel, character and defiance of a knackered old book that's hanging on in there, more. (Except when there are bogies stuck to the pages)

    1. Well put, C. Yes, the overwhelming aroma of fresh print is also something special. This book, by the way, has almost fallen apart, despite my delicate handling. Set in the future, but not made to be read in it...


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