Tuesday, 10 December 2013

NHK'Koyxen - Dance Classics Vol.III (PAN)

these albums have been a bundle of fun
yes, fun.
dance-not-dance classics. how ironic is the title?
how ironic was it when he first thought it up
& did he think it up whilst making the tracks, before, or after, having found some knocking around?
who cares.
with a serious track record of collaborations, Kouhei Matsunaga brings a hint of artfulness to the Dance. he's a shoe-in for DJ at the PAN office party, isn't he? like they have one. a party, I mean, not an office, although they probably don't have one of those either. rumours that images of Bill Kouligas's backside after he planted it on the office photocopier at last year's party are totally unfounded.
whilst there's not as much trickery as you might expect from a PAN album purporting to be Dance music, there's enough to add interesting dimensions across all three. it's a kind of homage to Dance music of the Electronica, Techno & Breakbeat kind since the 90s. a few tracks remind me of what we were playing down The Rumpus Room circa '96 anyway.
the best cuts are 675 (it's not just women who respond to bass, is it?) and 811, which is a chugging beast that makes you think your speakers have blown first time you play it. I'd have liked more tracks that do as much damage, but Matsunaga's light touches to various templates are also enjoyable.
danceable, yes, if you free your mind and allow your ass to follow.

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