Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pop Art Design at The Barbican

Unlike us, Pop Art is eternally youthful. Whilst lounging on a bean bag at the Barbican's Pop Art Design exhibition yesterday I asked LJ how old you had to be before you wouldn't contemplate doing such a thing. 50? 60? 70? After all, there's a time when getting off the bags would be damned hard if not impossible. As it was, I considered asking someone to help me up. 

We were in a small room showing short films and adverts. William Klein's Broadway By Light came on. I'd never seen it, and spent the whole ten minutes with my eyes wide open, jaw dropped, agog in amazement. 

I was struck by Jann Haworth's Cowboy; its grotesque softness, nightmarish Westworld qualities and the Frankenstein-like patchwork stitching behind one ear.

Of all the things exhibited what I craved most was the This Is Tomorrow catalogue in a case. As I joked with LJ, I'd take that if given the choice of anything, despite its relatively low monetary value (it still sells for around £1000). I imagined organising a crack team of burglars with me shimmying down a rope like, er, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, evading all security features to cut the plastic with a laser bean and bag this book. 

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  1. Now there's a very good reason to try and get myself down to The City again before too long, I didn't know about this, so thanks. I probably still won't manage it but it's good to at least have a goal...!
    (The bean bag upper age limit is up for debate but I'm hoping it's nearer to the 80 mark.)


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