Monday, 2 December 2013

Kerridge - A Fallen Empire (Downwards)

A Fallen Empire -

bring the noise!

no-one's said that since people stopped saying it but this is as good an opportunity as any.

Samuel Kerridge brings the noise. not the Noise. the noise. 
subterranean, sledgehammering, skullmashing, metal-bashing beats.
& noise.

hellish, howling machinery grinding your bones to fine dust,
then sprinkling that into a re-animater where steel & circuitry are moulded into a ten foot carnivorous cyborg programmed to eat babies & rip the heads off Miley Cyrus fans & anyone else who doesn't buy this album.

hoover set to maximum low-end carnage.

Kerridge's methods may not be mad or different but they are brutally effective. it's a sonic black hole into which you will be sucked should you dare to get close enough.

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