Friday, 20 December 2013

John Heartfield - Wieland Herzfelde (Veb Verlag der Kunst,1971)

Xmas being a time for giving and all that I give you a few images from an amazing book. I know John Heartfield's plastered all over the Net but hopefully some of these will be new to you. Wieland Herzfelde was his brother, a publisher for whom John did most of the graphic work. The text is in German, a fact which almost prompts me to learn the language, but I'm rubbish at languages, although I mastered how to ask for a beer/coffee/bill on our visits. The Xmas tree image would make a lovely card, wouldn't it? That would cheer up your friends.

A site dedicated to John Heartfield is here  

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  1. Fantastisch! Thanks for putting these up, that tree is inspired. Love John Heartfield's work - my first intro to him (like many I expect) was via the Siouxsie & the Banshees 'Mittageissen' cover a/w.
    I do happen to have an 'O' Level in German... but you wouldn't know it. ( I do remember the Oral part of the exam, however, when I was invited to talk about my interests, Well of course I had to say the word 'kunst' - and I was most anxious in case I'd pronounced it wrongly!)


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