Monday, 23 December 2013

Buñuel On My Back, Miles Believer & Thanks To The Regulars

i cycled home with Luis Buñuel on my back yesterday - I swear the book was as heavy as him - it was about him & if you're good I'll scan some of it for you.

but have you been good this year?
have i been good?
what's good?
what's bad?
behaving badly according to those whose attitude towards life you despise is good.
being good according to the same people is bad.

wot is this? philosophy?

it's the time of year...the silly season...enough to send anyone bonkers what with gift decisions, reconciling the materialistic with...what? i dunno...i'm not religious, although as i said to a couple of poets recently when one confessed to being a Marxist 'I have no belief except, perhaps, in the music of Miles Davis' - which could be considered pretentious but is better than swearing by some old political my book...

i was going to say it later but may as well say it now:

Thanks to all you regular visitors for coming back time and time again. You make me feel that I'm not completely wasting my time.

Yours sincerely, the one-in-a-trillion blogger


  1. The pleasure's all ours (should 'ours' have a possessive apostrophe? doesn't look right either way now!)
    Have a good one, you and yours.

    1. Thanks, C.
      It's no use asking me grammatical questions!
      Have a good Xmas yourself.

  2. Have you read "My Last Breath" the autobiography of Bunuel? its a great book, if you havent then dig it out, tells you how to make the perfect martini with a ray of sunlight....fantastic.

    1. I have. Great book. I seem to recall him talking about how much he enjoyed cigarettes too. Haven't read it since the 80s...must hunt for another copy.


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