Monday, 14 October 2013

Soldier’s Requiem - Gabriel Saloman (Miasmah)

Oh such melancholic beauty. It has no place in the modern musical world, does it?
What is the function of this album?
To express the sorrow of all who have known dead soldiers? 
To reflect the sorrow of the world every time a war is fought?

Mine Field builds to such a level of intensity that it seems to contain all the blood-soaked fields and deserts that have ever been created. And all the crosses around the world which mark the places where victims of war lay buried.
With a sound akin to fighter planes swooping in for the kill.
Even the piano sounds as if it's gasping for breath in the final moments...

Marching Time consists only of military percussion, cut as if to signal the relentless march of a badly-drilled army whose men have been programmed but refuse to obey, crashing into each other at every turn.

Finally, the Cold Haunt of the fallen and it's relentless melody folding in on itself, replayed again and again just like the terrible game of war.

Warning: this album will not make you:
                                                         want to dance
                                                         thrill to the (non-existent) bass
                                                         or bask in the post-New Age ambient calming of your nerves.                                                         

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