Saturday, 12 October 2013

Coming Soon: eMMplekz - Your Crate Is Empty

I don't normally pre-hype albums but Baron Mordant & Ekoplekz as eMMplekz have made one worth plugging. The Baron's blank verse backed by Nick Edwards' radiophonics is a fascinating audio experience. 

'It's really sad when women go bald.'

'eMMplekz return server after 'IZOD Days' semi-beguiled local sorting offices…'Your Crate Has Changed' takes up that diarised baton & legs it to Rymans for future remnants…take a dose of plagued Pepys, a demijohn of Ekoplekz's masterly live voltage and siMMer…switch to classic...BM/EZ'


The Quarry
Raining With Piss
AsspuMMel (Must Try Ader)
Tethered To My Hotspot
Alby's Riddim
Sorry For Your Lossy
Queer Vibe
Your Crate Has Changed
Invoices In My Head
The Arc of Trapeze
End Of

Release date: 4th Nov 2013

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