Monday, 11 March 2013

Stewart Lee Talks Otter Rubbish

Guest blogger Gavin Maxwell writes:

Stewart Lee banging on about the disappearance of The Thinker - what's his problem? Thinking's the curse of the educated classes, and I don't mean well educated, as in business degrees, which as you know lead to worthwhile and extremely well-paid jobs in the City, I mean the idiots who waste years of their lives studying Philosophy and Art or some such crap. He moans about universities 'turning into book-balancing business schools or results-driven scientific research centres, treating students as client-customers who deserve to see an investment return in the form of increased living standards and higher salaries in exchange for spending their student loans, and funded by patrons and public bodies wanting to see practical results' - yeah, and? What's learning for if not to get a great job that pays loads so you can attract a tasty-looking wife, have beautiful kids and a nice house? What's Life for if not that?

He should get over the otter fixation as well. He goes on about them in the article and in the 'live' show I've posted below. Only 'live' he takes the piss out of the idea that being able to see them from a house is a great thing. But in the article, he seems to know a lot about the Otter Trust, so he should make up his mind; are otters a great thing, or not? His show's not funny either. Not one joke, except a lame one (geddit?) about a pirate's foot. Rubbish.

He even cropped up on Celebrity (ha-ha) Mastermind answering questions on someone called Derek Bailey, who I had to look up. Turns out he's a guitarist, supposedly, but when I played a YouTube clip he was just an old geezer making a bloody racket!

What's the big deal about Thinking anyway? It's overrated, especially by the likes of Stewart Lee, a Lefty who went to university and thinks it gives him the right to lecture us now. It gave him a column in The Observer as well, I suppose, whereas they'd never give someone like me a column - wankers! Why? Because I didn't go to university and don't do shows with no proper jokes. 

All right, there's been some useful on...well, scientists and that, but who else? Philosophers? Waste of bloody time! How have they improved the world? Lee probably idolises Artists as well, but the type he likes are ones who make piles of bricks and just splash paint around, I bet. Not proper Artists, ones who paint pictures of people and the countryside.

Thinkers never got anything done. Nothing. They might think up things to be built, say, but without us working-classes to build them where would they be, eh? Oh, I bet Stewart loves the working-classes, but wouldn't want to be one, a proper one who builds houses, fixes the plumbing, makes things in factories, oh no. That's not good enough for him, or his kid. Imagine if his kid turned round and said 'I'm going to be a plumber!' He'd shit himself!

Stewart, you're wrong, mate. Telly's great, these days. Top Gear, Come Dine With Me and other shows - all brilliant. Oh, and Michael Mcintyre's dead funny. Unlike you.


  1. Nice work Gav. You should come on here more often, I can relate to Come Dine Wiv Me...

    1. After many complaints from my Guardian-reading followers I'm not sure Gavin will be invited back.


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