Thursday, 10 May 2012

Creating In Collage - Natalie d'Arbeloff & Jack Yates (Studio Vista 1967)

Bought this recently, not because I want to learn how, but in the hope that it would contain some good images, which it does - sadly most aren't in colour. I've worked in the medium over the years, and you can see a few examples here. Perhaps I should read this book. Natalie still works, as you can see here. Jack used to teach at Camden Arts Centre, coincidentally, by which I mean I'm a resident of Camden Town, not a former pupil. More info and interviews with him here


  1. Interesting, looks like a nice book, and collage always has a certain retro feel to it to me now (no matter how recent), which appeals. I do like yours - very of the time, as you say in the post. (The only collage I ever tried out was in the '80s too and there are a lot of nuclear war themes going on!)

    Plus you gotta love a bit of Kurt Schwitters, eh!

  2. Gonna keep an eye out for this book. Great find.


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