Sunday, 20 February 2011

80s Collages

    Some work I did in the 80s...reflecting my obsession with American imperialism, amongst other things, such as existentialism, which we all thought about between marching against The Bomb and listening to Jazz, you know...oh, it was the 50s all over again... 


  1. Thanks Monkey...not many survived, although a lot of others went into little magazines I made...lost most of the original artwork...

  2. Great stuff Mr Invisible
    Shame that more haven't survived
    But then again the 2010s may also be the new 1950s - perhaps its time to start making some more???
    Keep up the good work sir

  3. Cheers MM...I approach Politics from a different perspective these days, but crude cut'n'paste collage is still appealing as a medium.
    Keep those vinyl goodies coming.


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