Wednesday, 4 April 2012

On Mixcloud, On The Corner, On Jupiter & On The Beach

Hey you.

Listening to music on and off all day, as usual - wondering if anyone else listens to as much music as I do - knowing there will be those even more addicted, and many more who are less - addicted that is - as I sit in the square outside the office watching suits stroll by with iPods plugged in, of course I wonder what's in their ears, and think 'One day I'll get in the lift alongside someone listening to Daphne Oram and not even know it' - what are the chances? Slightly less than winning the lottery...

This Mixcloud mix got me through the morning in fine style, being a very tasty selection of jazzy tunes -  well, the creator's following me on Mixcloud, so I thought it best to return the gesture and check out what he's done. Then I started wondering who he is, where he lives and so on - as we all do, surely, when suddenly connected to strangers in the digital village. Many, or most people 'follow' in an effort to get themselves followed, I'm sure - a strange game of following, where the aim is to be be a follower seeking followers...if you follow me...

I've just noticed that courtesy of my music library I can be 'On' three places - The Corner with Miles, Jupiter with Sun Ra, and The Beach with Philip Cohran - all spectacular locations with those three as your guide, I'm sure you'll agree. A magnificent musical triumvirate which takes Jazz away from the common ground, into fascinating, exotic, earthy, cosmic realms. What a band they'd make...although I couldn't see Ra and Miles getting on well, both enjoying being masters of their own universes a bit too much for co-creation to work. I know little about Cohran, other than the fact that his work is truly outstanding. Sometimes, that's all I need to know. They have their fair share of followers...including me...but should they be around to attract digital followers, and I added my name, I doubt they'd return the gesture...


  1. I think you're right about the following game (what about those ones who have 958 followers, follow yours in spite of no obvious interest/connection and are clearly out just to 'collect' people reciprocally...) but as I've just chosen to actually follow yours today - thanks to a link from Monkey Picks - I felt the urge to pipe up and say, "No really, it's because I like what I've read! Oh and a great pic at top too! Oh and some nice art and random articles that appeal, love the humour and lots of music'n'all.."
    (And I'm not trying the reverse psychology thing either....oh I'm getting paranoid now. I just want to read, honest guv.)

    1. Your comment's appreciated 'C'...I might just 'follow' you it worked. Thanks for the compliments. This is an eclectic you've probably already be prepared for anything. And welcome aboard.(Looks like the cheque I sent Monkey is beginning to have the desired effect)


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