Thursday, 5 April 2012

Levels Of Listening - What Type Are You?

The illustrations and labels made me chuckle. I'm old enough not to know what 'Lowercase' is...ditto 'Screamo' & 'Mathrock'. And is 'Kreatrock' another unknown (to me) genre? Or a typo? Either way, I move through all levels...making me a normal outcast...which is probably about right. After all, I can often be found in my herringbone slippers...listening to Pierre Schaeffer...

1 comment:

  1. The illustrations are very David Shrigley-ish/David Firth-y... Nice. I get lost somewhere between Levels 4 and 5, on that symbolically shaky line (presuming that 'Kreatrock' is a typo, as you suggest, for the likes of Can etc.) and unless of course 'lowercase' is something really good that I just haven't heard (nor heard of) yet... And I reckon that Math Rock and Screamo are just made up. Hope so anyway. Makes me feel old not knowing.

    (PS - An eclectic blog is great; I enjoy the surprises!)


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