Monday, 2 April 2012

London Opinion and The Humorist Magazine 1947

Found sandwiched between a stack of art magazines in an Oxfam shop.
'Shame the cover's been ruined by those stickers,' I said, having tested them, wanting to scream 'WHICH STUPID FUCKER STUCK THESE LABELS ON?!'
'Er, yes,' the assistant replied, picking at one of the labels. 'I don't know why it's one-ninety-nine, anyway. You can have it for ninety-nine.'
It survived 65 years in tact, only to be ruined by a stupid shop assistant.
Note the 'Shopping Drill'. So do we bolster the economy by spending now? Or save? At least I was saved a pound.




  1. The Music & Video Exchange ruin a lot of record sleeves this way too. Just one of many reasons I don't like shopping with them. Sad isn't it?!

    1. Yes, how many times have we had to coax, soak and gently peel a sticker, only to realise our efforts are in vain as the sleeve begins to tear? Criminal! But it's never stopped me shopping in a certain place.

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  3. Great find! Mind if I add to my Ronald Searle blog?


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