Sunday, 1 April 2012

Demdike Stare - Gruntsplatter - John Duncan........Nobody Cares...

Well do they? No. As I told a friend whilst we drank in an Islington pub before The Demdike Stare Show - him saying how people had better listen to the interview he'd just recorded for his Resonance show, or he'll be mighty pissed off - 'Nobody cares!' I declared, my pessimism bolstered by a few Jamesons - 'I make the best music mixes in the world!' (This attracted a glance from a chap at a nearby table, who I later saw at The Demdike Stare Show). 'And nobody cares!'.

It turned out that this friend wasn't impressed by Demdike Stare, acting as if he'd never heard them before when in fact I'd burned a CD for him last year - see? Nobody cares. He has too much music bleeding from his ears to pay attention to what I give him. And he doesn't read this blog (he doesn't care), so I can safely say that his lack in appreciation of Demdike Stare was really shocking and lowered my estimation of his musical taste considerably. He's an arsehole, actually. And I don't mean that; I'm simply testing.

If you want to know what DS do 'live', the CD 'Live at Golden Pudel Club' has just been released. I enjoyed the show. The visuals sent me into trance (aided by the Jamesons, probably). I wouldn't attempt to justify my fondness for DS. As with any music, you simply like the sounds, or you don't. That, dear reader, is why I'm not a professional music critic.

I've been enjoying Gruntsplatter recently. The Aberrant Laboratory really is a fine slab of beautifully textured sounds. You don't care. That's fine.

Also John Duncan, whose music is hard to get hold of, but The Keening Towers (from Mutant Sounds blog) is an exceptional 70-minute-long atmospheric work of ghostly genius which I find captivating. I would post a clip, but you try finding him on YouTube. I would upload something myself, but nobody cares.

To sum up: it really is best to approach all acts of creativity as if nobody cares. That way, you won't be disappointed when you're proved right. You can only start by caring yourself. And that, dear reader, is why I'm not a philosopher, although I am quite willing to throw you cheap observations like this.


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