Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Drokk - Music Inspired By Mega-City One - Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury (Invada)

I loved the sound of this album before I first heard it - then dismissed it due to the virtually sole usage of the Oberheim 2 Voice Synthesizer, which the law states that all music will sound like John Carpenter's best soundtracks when it's played - and after listen again, and again, decided I did love it after all, because it consists of so much Oberheim 2 Voice Synthesizer, apart from the use of a band (huh, cop-out!), who cannot match the Oberheim 2 Voice Synthesizer - and it's a better album than Carpenter made in many ways, not least because there are no awful blues-rock tracks, and unlike the soundtrack to Assault On Precinct 13, no repetitive themes, which is not to deny that Carpenter's title music for that film is one of the greatest film themes ever written - and tracks such as 'Exhale', 'Titan Bound', and 'The Men Who Never Learned' offer a contrast in mood (more restraint/almost orchestral/ambient) - so I do love this album, the way you love Pop - not for depth or complexity, but instant gratification, due to the use of the Oberheim 2 Voice Synthesizer.

The album can be heard on DROKK’s Bandcamp page

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