Tuesday, 24 April 2012

All Comments (Poem)

I like boobs very much yummmy
his face 2:43, it's creepy
Im sad. Cus we meaning me and my bro used to listen to this with my mum before she died
Boring?! We are very close to the End of Time, where the global wave function will collapse in collective consciousness....prepare to travel in the Multiverse...!!!
675 things actually committed suicide !!
ERECT PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
the highway symbolizes the path of life some times life is hard and you take a detour.jeebus carries some of you realmen walk themselves
Your shitty spelling makes me want to kill myself
wait..... what???? bahahahahbahhah!!!
I used to feel bad about feeling like a wierdo but now it seems that that's how it is and I'll have to live with it. But the bad craziness of being an outcast fills my mind with scary ideas and I fear that I'm going to end up doing something really evil.
 i'm 14. i feel your pain. i'm scared for this coming generation.
Ask and ye shall receive! I asked Jesus to show me my pride and dishonesty, and He did. Then I asked Him to remove it. Then when I was able to be for real with myself and Him, I asked Him to show me my sin. Then I asked to wash my sin away with His blood. Then I asked Jesus to show me the fears, doubts and scars I had in my heart. Then I asked Jesus to take it away. I could not do any of this myself, I had to ASK HIM to do it. He did. And then HE ASKED ME to tell others what He did for me.
not really interested anymore. I wont be returning to these comments again. I've said my piece, trrraa

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