Saturday, 14 January 2012

Raiding The 20th Century with DJ Food & Paul Morley

Bless UbuWeb. I was only alerted to the existence of this mix because they included it in their Top 15 this month. It evolved after DJ Food first aired a mix on XFM (well, I wouldn't be listening to that station) in 2004. Kev then read Morely's book and got him to read some choice parts for a new, extended mix. UbuWeb's recent tweets suggest that the Stop Online Piracy Act proposed by 'Hollywood's favourite Republican', Lamar Smith, should be taken very seriously. Well, I'm ignorant regarding the technicalities of the issue, but as y'all know we need the Net to be free from shackles that prevent us from being able to hear what would often otherwise be lost musical treasures. The mix is a brilliant history lesson dedicated to (whilst demonstrating) the art of sampling, cut-ups and other forms of sonic adventure. 


Raiding The 20th Century

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