Friday, 13 January 2012


It's that time of year when we're all waiting for The First Great Album. Lest you think me completely stupid, that is The First Album Which You As An Individual With Your Own Taste Really Enjoy - something like that. Perhaps I'd never make a good tabloid headline writer. 'DEMDIKE STARE CRASH SCARE!' There's one The Sun will no doubt use on their showbiz page when the van Sean & Miles are touring Sweden in swerves to miss a moose and ends up in the ditch. 'TRYP-DITCH!' would be even better.

Whilst eagerly awaiting the dynamic(?) duo's next release on CD, the first hit of 2012 will be 'Electronics Without Tears', the Fred Judd comp on Public Information, which I've yet to hear, but for us lovers of ye olde electronics it's unmissable.

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