Monday, 5 December 2011

Tape Recorder For Playboys, Writers' Thoughts On Creativity & more - Playboy, December 1968

Become a big hit with your playmates. Great Xmas gift idea, this. Tapes are very fashionable, so I hear, and probably have been for at least ---- years. But being deeply unfashionable, I wouldn't know. 

Those crazy Neatniks. Still, girls go for a well-groomed man, you know, as opposed to a hippy. A bowl of popcorn and guitar lessons...they know the way to a girl's heart (knickers) those Neatniks.

'The King'? A swipe at Elvis, perhaps. Oh to have seen Frank at Ceasars Palace...

Mmm...oiled-walnut speakers. 'A cassette, unlike a record, never warps, scratches or wears out'. Right.

On creativity. 'Those who are able to emerge as creative individuals owe it to their stubborn, steadfast devotion, their complete unswerving dedication to their chosen role' - well said Henry.



Finally, great illustration/design for a feature by Arthur C Clarke on 'superintelligent computers'. The black and white image is a card flap containing the continued text on the back. Turning it reveals the full colour image.


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