Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Miscellany: The Day So Far, Sonny Rollins, Simple Thinking.

I like to play classic electronic music quietly and pretend that my computer is singing to me.


The day so far:
                     * listening to Josef Anton Reidl, Francois Bayle and Else Marie Pade, mostly.
                     * chatting on Facebook.
                     * waiting for the postman to deliver the Daphne Oram vinyl
                                          only to see him walk straight past the house,
                                                 then remember that Boomkat delivers by knackered pigeon - bastards.


Asked a friend what he was listening to. He said 'Alfie' by Sonny Rollins. I prefer the shorter version. Here it is...


Talking Politics the other day at Work and how easily the left and 'liberals' rose to the bait laid by Jeremy Clarkson but my work colleague wasn't having any of it - scowled - cursed Clarkson, understandably, but as someone who likes to wind others up I thought he'd get the joke. My tuppence-worth evolved into a speech about not understanding old mindsets like Left and Right in the modern world. Nobody thinks in clear cut, neatly divided, idealogical ways, surely? The nature of banter amongst politicians on TV is dictated by party lines, but we are free of them, aren't we? Or do those aligning themselves with one side conveniently ignore contrary thoughts or beliefs which occur to them? Surely the world and more importantly our minds are more complex? Or are they that simple? When I'd finished saying words to that effect, he said 'Getting a bit deep, aren't you?'

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