Thursday, 29 December 2011

Miles Davis As A Chiptune

This being the Silly Season I thought I'd offer you a chiptune rendition of 'So What' from the one Jazz album that regularly gets listed amongst 'All-Time Classics' along with 'Pet Sounds' and, you know, other Rock/Pop Masterpieces. I used to think that was a disgraceful sign of ignorance on behalf of critics back when I was a Jazz messenger who believed there should be at least 48 other Jazz albums in an All-Time Top 50. But I'm over that phase now, and don't care if they omit 'The Shape Of Jazz To Come' or 'Time Out', for instance. Despite the small nagging voice which says 'This is blasphemy' I do like this version. The whole album, with various contributors, works well, if only at bringing a smile to my face. It came out a couple of years ago, and the producer got into a lot of trouble over the cover art, which you can read about here. The story makes me think he's Kind Of Nuts, or just Kind Of Unlucky, but I thank him for adding a silly and in some ways sublime element to my holiday.

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