Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Interplanetary Music - 20 Essential Albums Part 4

The last leg of the journey. I hope you've enjoyed it, and possibly made new discoveries along the way. If you think I've missed any vintage IM classics feel free to suggest them by Commenting.

16. Zero Time - Tonto's Expanding Head Band (1971)

The sound of The Original New Timbral Orchestra is impossible to resist. Cecil and Margouleff's first album is a classic and would be perfect if not for 'Riversong'. But for that they must be forgiven. As I'm sure you know, they also worked with Stevie Wonder on a few albums, including 'Innervisions', which is one of the Greatest Albums Ever Made and always will be.

17. Cosmographie - Bruno Menny (1972)

A special upload just for you. You see how much I care? You need this album if you have any interest in electro-acoustic-tape composition of the cosmo-sound kind. Of course, he could have called it anything, but the music does undoubtedly create an atmosphere akin to being adrift in space whilst all manner of objects float by, such as abandoned capsules, grandfather clocks, dead robots and tourists from Planet 3. 

18. Outer Space - Vaclav Nelhybel (1974)

Nothing here lasts longer than 1.35. It doesn't need to. Evoking the golden age of the Radiophonic Workshop, with simple arrangements for synth and piano, Nelhybel perfectly captures impressions of 'Space Meteors', 'Star Clusters' and 'The Pulses Of The Universe' in a style that's naive, almost child-like, and all the better for it.

19. Cosmos 2043 - Bernard Fevre (1977)

This has a light feel which frequently veers towards Pop but Fevre keeps on the right side of the line and, crucially for the period, avoids going Disco as many others did. It took me a while to warm to this but since I have it creates the ideal mood for when I'm entertaining in my rocket-fuelled space-age bachelor pad.

20. Biomechanoid - Joel Vandroogenbroeck (1980)

Ending with the big bang that is 'Biomechanoid' this, despite the date, is absolutely spot-on IM. Other-worldly sounds, perfectly-pitched ambience, piano, menace, imagination and 'Interstellar Insects', of course. And is 'Biomechanoid' not a great title? Somehow a 'Plastic Gnome' got involved, but hey, it's Joel's album and if he wants a plastic gnome in amongst the 'Dark Plasma' and 'Asteroids' he can have it. 

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  1. I have no suggestions but look forward to expanding my head for a good month on all of these. Awesome awesome.


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