Friday, 2 December 2011

Film Music - Vladimir Ussachevsky

The Net's been doing my head in today. The accumulative effect of spending so much time online is starting to take its toll. You probably know the feeling. So I'm going to make what will be a Herculean effort to reduce the amount of hours I spend staring at this screen. It'll be worse than giving up fags, I predict. One obstacle is the amount of music stored on this computer. By needing it on to listen I naturally surf at the same time. I know I'm far from alone here, so I wonder if there's a WUA (Web Users Anonymous) for sorry-looking, anaemic individuals ready for a 12-step programme to get them off the computer...

Meanwhile, here's an album of film music, soundtracks to 'No Exit' and 'Line Of Apogee'. It's a high point in electronic/tape atmospherics for film.
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