Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blog Fever - The Sunday Posts

It has occurred to me that I could post more than once in 24 hours. I know others do, but once-a-day has always been enough for me, and I feel pleased with myself when I manage that. Days when I don’t post I feel guilty since I have a duty to many loyal readers for whom a day without something new from me would be a tragedy. So as an experiment I’m posting more than once today. I’m not sure who or what the experiment relates to...perhaps it’s about my posting stamina, your reading stamina, or to see if I get more traffic. I thought about traffic to this blog this morning and it occurred to me that hits for the sake of getting hits is pointless, other than as an ego boost. Ego, however, as John Cassavetes said, is not a four-letter word. We all have one. How to avoid being egotistical is another matter. All performers are egotistical to a degree, surely, and blogging is no different. Whilst I’d like more readers, a rise in stats from my conscious manipulation of content would not be satisfactory. If I cannot be what I want to be as a blogger then why bother? I'd like more readers...I want to rule the world and have everyone paying attention when I speak...'cause I'm so damned special. To this end, I shall now read every word of advice about how to get more readers, incorporate all the necessary gadgets, and only write about hot topics. TTFN

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