Saturday 23 July 2011

Blade Runner Reading Material - L.A. 2019

Tom Southwell spent six months creating background graphics (signs, posters, neon) for Blade Runner, but only had four days to knock up some magazine covers, which were simply Xeroxed and stuck on existing titles such as Omni and Playboy. According to Southwell, Scott 'simply wanted a fuzzy visual backdrop for the newsstand', hence the crudity of the designs. Real content shaped the cover content, obviously. Since they were rough to begin with, 'Kill Weekly' could not be improved on when scanning, unfortunately. 'Horn' is the funniest of the bunch, for obvious reasons - 'Hot Lust In Space' and 'Scratch & Sniff Centerspread'! These were scanned from the American magazine, 'Cinefantastique' (Vol 12 No 5, 1982). The in-depth feature on Blade Runner contains a lot of interesting material, which I may scan in the future.

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