Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sun Ra - Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equation Visitation

The built-in bullshit detector that Hemingway advised all writers to have is working fine, but my Ra-dar is kaput. I didn't know that this LP was released by Art Yard months ago. I'm slipping - but then again, perhaps the little man inside called Mr Sane has been at work on my subconscious, subliminally chanting 'Don't buy and more Sun Ra'. Because? Ra will drive you crazy, as you may already know. Perhaps you've had a listen here and there on the 'net and that's been enough to scare you away, running back to songs that are logical and retain the sense of order that we all crave to some extent.
This stuff is not the product of disorder, but the work of a genius who filled music sheets with marks representing moons, planets, stars, quasars, black holes, comets and so on...probably.
If you dare to venture on this Solar Ship Voyage, which took off from Cairo with Ra at the helm, and the synthesizer as his controls, you'll be in for a cosmic flight of epic the outer limits. Well, you didn't expect the musical equivalent of a bike ride around the block, did you.
Two highlights are the opening 'Space Loneliness #2' which, after Ra has seriously rearranged your molucules through the solo synthesizing of sound, turns into a great, drunken, brassy blues - yes, space is a lonely place. And 'Friendly Galaxy #2', where the Arkestra hypnotises us with a steady rhythm, conga and flute, conjuring a mood of relative calm which still creates the impression that there are demons at play, tugging the wings off angels...and as you watch the world beneath your feet dissolves.

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