Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Birthday Letter To 'A Love Supreme'

You’re getting on now, and perhaps a line about maturity, the kind you find in cards, is appropriate...‘It’s not the years in the life. It’s the life in the years.’ (Abraham Lincoln)....something like that. Well, there’s a lot of life left in you yet. Actually, I can see you lasting for as long as the planet does, without diminishing in strength or vitality – unlike some of these young whippersnappers.
Strange to think that I’ve known you for over twenty-five years and yet, somehow, I don’t really know you that well. I suppose many relationships are like that. They say one of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship is for there to always be mysteries involved, not secrets, as such, but unknown depths. In our case that’s definitely true. I must have listened to you a thousand times but constantly find new elements.
Some people find you a bit awkward and at times I’ve also struggled, I admit. But for all your difficulties, the good in you is worth the effort. You can be very melancholic (in a deep way, rather than self-pitying) but being constantly happy and upbeat just isn’t natural, is it?
I may not share your religious beliefs, but you’re not forcing them on me. I know they shape your character, but that has never put me off. Besides, you’re not exactly some dull, conservative do-gooder, are you? I’d even go so far as to suggest that you’ve caused quite a lot of trouble in your time, but hey, that’s the problem of those who don’t understand you, right? Let them call you ‘crazy’ or ‘complicated’ or whatever.
You’ve almost brought a tear to my eye a few times, but I like to think for the right reason...not sorrow...but simply...well, I’m getting into territory which I can’t explain.
Nowadays, hearing you again connects with my own history and we can all get a bit maudlin (?) about the passing of time, can’t we? You, though, you don’t age – you lucky bastard! You’ll outlive me.
Anyway, Happy Birthday. I know you’ll have many more.

(Note: 'A Love Supreme' was born in the studio on December 9th, 1964)

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