Sunday 17 December 2017

2017: Albums of the (y)Ear

RTomens, 2016

WHAT? forgive me. I dunno. WHEN? last year. I mean, this year, 2017. In PC world nobody's memory works so I must consult this blog, scroll back in time (one day everyone will have mental bookmarks implanted, won't they?) to see which albums might be considered memorable worth mentioning in a round-up...

So here goes...

Broken Ground  - Christian Bouchard

Structures And Light - Group Zero

Some People Really Know How To Live - Shit and Shine

Hesaitix - M.E.S.H

Fuadain Liesmas -  Aclds
review forthcoming

Monika Werkstatt - Various

A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound - Roland Kayn (this didn't even make the Wire charts!?)

Entertaining The Invalid - Various

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