Thursday, 12 October 2017

That's Enough Shit & Shine / Monika Werkstatt Remixes / People Will Talk (film)

Woke up this morning...(what's this, a blues number?) and had a shit and shine, I mean, listened to some Shit & Shine with my tea, like you do - the forthcoming That's Enough on Rocket Recordings is one good way to drag your head into the land of the living. Look out for it. I'll be talking about it more nearer the release date. Meanwhile, here's the first of the three tracks...

The Monika Werkstatt collective hoo-ha 20 year celebration comp this year is the Compilation of the Year (contemporary), along with another UK comp (old stuff), which I've yet to review but will soon - and here are some remixes. They're not quite as impressive as the originals but these five tracks are nothing to turn your nose up about, or to, or whatever you do with your nose (it's your business). Lucrecia Dalt's Blindholes - Borusiade Version is a classy cybernetic shuffle through time and space; quite the thing through headphones (or ear buds, as I believe they're known today. I used to wear ex-British Airways 'phones when DJ-ing...I like to think they encouraged me to 'fly' behind the Technics). Danielle de Picciotto's Desert Fruit - Perera Elsewhere version is also noteworthy, the way the beat dissolves into a chasm of disturbing sounds. 

With winter coming what better way to spend an evening than watching classic films. OK, we do that most evenings since we retired (from clubbing). A recent showing in The Cave was People Will Talk, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. I'm ashamed to admit having only just seen it for the first time. Mankiewicz's screenplay is spot on (funny, clever, even profound), the story probably reflecting his experience of the commie witch hunt's that blacklisted many actors and directors. People will talk and eagerly set out to condemn without good reason. So we see super-suave Cary Grant as Dr. Noah Praetorius going about his business of being the perfect doctor. He's magnificent in the role. But what's the story behind his friend, the mysterious Shunderson? Watch it and find out. 

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  1. "Woke up this morning...(what's this, a blues number?)" - Now that made me laugh!!


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