Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Lisbon trio ÄLFORJS

Oh yes, juj-ju music, to steal an Archie Shepp title - just discovered Älforjs, a trio from Lisbon whose debut, Jengi, was released a year ago, followed up by Demons 1 in February this year. Both are outstanding examples me' - erk - so percussion to the fore and fierce alto sax from Mestre André, on Natura Ruidosa 1 (Jengi) in particular, whereas Homem Lobo from the same album features Bernardo Álvares not supplying a bassline by sawing at his strings for the whole 12mins to rumbling drums and fuzzy electronics. Demons 1 a little more accessible but in no way a compromise - reminds me of some Griot Galaxy material at times. Either way, it's intergalactic-cosmospiritual class.

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