Monday, 26 June 2017

Glastonbury essential round-up review of the very best

really? you didn't believe that for a minute, did you?
Chic were good though, weren't they? - LJ turning to me after a minute with a grin on her face, me unconvinced that Disco 12" studio perfection could be translated to the 'live' stage - until a few minutes later when I realised Nile Rogers had assembled a top-notch bunch of old-ish hands, real pros who can, you know, play, which helps - and two great female singers, even though one of them made a small mistake by beginning to sing another line when she shouldn't have - oops - but that bass player! tight horn section too
who else? Sleaford Mods, of course. funny, you sense the irony, almost (if you know) of them playing to a big festival crowd even though they now seem to play to big crowds around Europe but by the end, at the end, even Jason Williamson couldn't resist looking a little chuffed - he even quoted Bad Manners' Lip Up Fatty (ha-ha!) - must say, a brilliant delivery of Jobseeker, I mean, full of spunk & bile -

bile is what's missing these days - anger/noise - of course I haven't tried to catch every act & for all I know in a small tent someone was causing a riot - meanwhile, I predict no riot - talking of which, ten minutes (yes, I gave them that long) of Kaiser Chiefs nearly saw the end of our TV - I noticed young people singing along to Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) songs - see - that's partly the problem - oh us 'old' folk may find him comfortingly/nostalgically entertaining but The Kids should have been throwing bottles at him, not bloody singing along. as I said to LJ, could this have happened 40 years ago? the equivalent being Val Doonican playing a Rock festival? & being embraced? no bile. no balls. no anger (despite, supposedly, all kiddoes being terribly upset about the world - well, I guess music isn't the answer, music with balls anyhow - so they sing-along-a-Barry before going on a demo? before applauding Jeremy Corbyn? says it all - Corbynistas & The Bee Gees - clueless - did Guy Debord kill himself in vain? yes. I heard a bit of his speech (Corbyn, not Barry Gibb), something about encouraging art & creativity in da yout -  wot, like Katy Perry, ya mean? or a new Bee Gees? a new Kaiser Chiefs? how about Sleaford Mods as role models (talking of whom, there was a shot of happy, smiley girls bouncing along to them...I mean...what? are these muppets game for anything & everything without having an idea of what's being played & said? yes, obviously). the thought of Labour government-funded 'arts' is terrifying. the arts (music especially) are fucked in this country & that's after 100 years Tory rule! imagine the effect of their beloved leader's appointment as prime Minister! if they can't muster cultural rebellion of any kind now, what the fuck would they do once utopia is built? lay around on their rapidly-spreading arseholes zombied-out on social media, presumably, just as they do now (when they're not enjoying Sleaford Mods (in situ, but not as chosen to view via the BBC site)) - funny, ain't it.......

who else?
Ed Sheeran - don't get it, or rather, I do, but since I stopped writing teenage angst diaries a long time ago it didn't mean anything.
Radiohead - don't get 'em, never did.
Craig David - heh-heh
The National - I don't get it.
The Killers - I don't get it.
Lorde - lord
Cabbage? - Hold on, I'm listening...they 'bring political post-punk to Pilton' according to the description on the BBC site...OK...I'm waiting...Johnny Rotten forward...enough! musically totally unoriginal, fake 'angry' posturing & so speaks someone who saw the real thing 40 years ago...always a problem, that...


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    1. No, half of it's Latvian though. Oh, it's a band. I had a look. They don't do much for me but I like a good riff.


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