Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt

Without being overtly 'anything' as in Dark, Avant-garde, Industrial etc Nick Edwards' Bioprodukt for Planet Mu succeeds in being everything, which is no mean feat. In fusing so many of his personal influences Nick has, whilst retaining the nature of himself as an artist (albeit a multi-faceted one as his many previous releases have proved) created an ultimate version of Himself. Bioprodukt is clean yet dirty, light yet heavy, Pop yet 'underground'. As with all prolific artists it's absurd to talk of 'best' and 'better', the canon itself being the thing of importance as a total entity. Calypzoid is one example of the way he brilliantly blends aspects of electronic culture, the Acid line topped with a light Pop refrain through which dance strands of the Radiophonic era. His understanding of space comes to the fore in Expedition, where 'trademark' Ekoplekz sounds ride an ebb'n'flow low end amid 'alien' song and a hint of dub. Without regard for electronic music's trends, Bioprodukt has an air of classicism about it that ensures it will stand the test of time.

Released June 16th on...Planet Mu.

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