Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Charlie Yardbird Parker's Blues & Best Available Technology

Charlie Parker's Blues No.1 cloaked in crackle, unclean audio emphasising time past of the old new Bop revolution shock delivered yesterday via my digital (portable) MP3 player - Cool now mainlined into mainstream culture and even 'hipster' (mis)appropriated to mean something else - so I sort of thought - like the revolutionary chic of a Che t-shirt or Punk pruned for meaning for popular taste - so it goes. The Complete Charlie Parker On Dial comp from which Blues No.1 comes is actually a version of Yardbird Suite, correctly titled on the box set pictured, so why re-title it? It crackles so because there was only one microphone in the home of Charles Copley, the 'venue' for a get-together to celebrate Bird's release from Camarillo State Hospital early in 1947. I would have posted the track, of course, but it hasn't been YouTubed.

Session7780 from Best Available Technology's Exposure album knowingly (ironically?) plays with notions of time and technological advances, muddying the stream as if to try and reclaim a time of old-skool cassette mix tapes, perhaps - whatever, the album's a treat for those who savour the sound of someone scratching their sonic signature on the digital 'wall' with a blunt blade as Kevin Palmer does. It's all very down, dirty and akin to being inside the mind of someone who's quite possibly as 'high' (low) as Charlie Parker before being put in hospital; a purple haze of crippled beats and subdued fx.

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