Saturday, 15 April 2017

Album: NOCHEXXX- Planet Bangs

As tensions mount on the macho my-weapons-are-bigger-than-yours world stage it's fitting that I should present Planet Bangs by Nochexx. Better late than never since this came out in February and has been idling in my bookmarks since, but playing it today I realised (again) what a storming album it is by Dave Henson. Despite what the main title suggests the tracks aren't of a cosmo-interplanetary-sci-nature in name; instead, there are two called Lewisham. Yes, Lewisham. Perhaps Henson lives there and simply wishes/dreams it was as futuristic as the music suggests. Or it's a joke. The music's no joke. As before Henson maintains a superior standard when it comes to sensory derangement in rhythmic machinations. Lewisham part one alone is a magnificent feat of collaged explosions but bombs in the forms of either bass lines or beats detonate everywhere on this turbulent, brutal but deftly designed collection.

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