Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Splitter Orchester / Felix Kubin - Shine on you crazy diagram

Yes, Pink Floyd pun-tastic title but don't be fooled into thinking it's a comedic, lighthearted affair. Berlin-based Splitter Orchestra deliver again; it's good to see them getting into the recording studio more often. Right from Diagram 1 a tone is set, for a while, only to later be reworked by Felix Kubin - but what is the tone? The Orchestra mangle/craft/fuse all manner of things/noises into a whole, if not wholesome melange of low end theory bowed cello, high-pitched electronics, furniture-moving...continued on Diagram 2 (but a Diagram of what? The neural network of John Cage superimposed over one belonging to the AMM/Sun Ra - I give up). As unsetlling as the soundwaves are, such is the level of integral composition it feels like total sound, albeit improvisational in spirit and multi-faceted in substance. On The B-Side, Kubin first strips the sounds back to an altered, bleepy state before crunching, reducing, totally transforming the elements leading to a sonic hailstorm. The bonus Splitter Orchestra on the digital version consist of brilliantly downbeat, dark orchestral manoeuvres. Excellent release

Gagarin Records

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