Monday, 13 February 2017

rkss - Cutoff Ep / COPPICE - Preamble to Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom

Checking to see if the new Nochexx album on Alien Jams has been released I find rkss' Cutoff Ep and to my surprise I also find I like it - which surprises me simply because I'm not easily pleased. These four tracks, however, embrace what's good about techno and without completely de-constructing it shift the additional components into interesting shapes.

Coppice's Preamble to Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom is another very good release. I apologise for not sounding too excited; I've been up since 5 to go to Work, had a busy morning, wrote about this exhibition, now flagging...none of which concerns you, I know. Meanwhile, here are Joseph Kramer & No√© Cuellar as Coppice. This stands out as a very smart configuration of sounds involving subtle hints at rhythm but more than that assembling extremely interesting noises in the grand acousmatic/electroacoustic tradtion (without sight of an acoustic instrument) yet totally revelling in the spatial possibilities of, as they put it: 'physical modeling synthesis, modular synthesizers, and custom built devices' - amen to that. I'm deeply impressed! Have a listen...

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