Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hexa - Factory Photographs

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Perfectly 'Lynchian', as you'd expect from a work commissioned to tie in with an exhibition of David Lynch's painting, sculpture, installation and photography at Brisbane’s Gallery Of Modern Art last year. Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart maximise the industrial wasteland effect. You could, perhaps, say that any 'industrial' music would do the same job but Hexa have hit just the right note with a combination of grind and klang, pounding metal and deserted Detroit factory ambience.

Talking of which, Underground Resistance were featured on Channel 4's news last night, which Jon Snow presented from Detroit as a gauge of how the city's either declining further these days or, according to one part of the report, seeing an upsurge in small companies such as the Detroit Denim Co. Motown legend Martha Reeves was also interviewed and was incredibly upbeat about Clinton's presidential prospects. Sorry, but it's hard to avoid election material, even though I'm in London.

Optimism for a country's industrial future isn't the mood for Factory Photographs. Here we have nothing but decline, all in black and white, with the ghost of Henry from Eraserhead stalking the wasteland between. As this album progresses it gets more interesting, the slow motion decay is palpable on tracks such as A Breath and Over Horizontal Plains and the sound design is spot on. 

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